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    Take the Challenge, Just Do it 

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            Summer Camp in USA

                       International Youth Camp - Fun Outdoor Activities Each Day - Travel/Tour to Famous US Attractions

                       Home Stay/Live with Local American Family - Learn/Practice Your English - Make Friends - Great Experience

            High School or College in USA 

                                Attend High School USA - Private and Public High Schools - Best Schools/Best Reputations

                                                  Highest Academic Standards - Home Stay/Campus Stay - ESL/English Classes/Tutors 

                                                                                                        Receive US High School Diploma & Prepare for US College

                                Attend College USA - Private Business School -  Excellent Reputation - Guaranteed Job Placement 

                                                     Highest Academic Standards - Campus Stay/Dormatories - ESL/English Classes/Tutors 

                                                                                                                Receive US College Degree & Path to Global Success


            College Summer Program in USA

                                  Cross-Cultural  Business Immersion Program - Home Stay - Private Business School

                                       Top Instructors - Topics of Global Importance - Highly Interactive Classroom - Latest Technology

                                               Talk to US Company CEOs/HR Managers Face to Face - Travel/Tour to Famous US Attractions 

​                                  Intensive Business English Training Program - Camp/Home Stay - Experienced Language Professors

                                         Special Lectures from Journalism/Columnists - Trips to Local US Companies - Excursions in US

​                                  English Teacher Training Program - Camp/Home Stay - Exploring English through American Culture

                                          Understand common challenges to learning English & Develop teaching approaches 
                                                                                                                          Exlore US Literature and History/Take Heritage Tour

​                                       L I M I T L E S S
   " We live not for ourselves but to help and learn from each other. 
                 By doing so we can reach our highest potential "