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Purposes of the Camp:
The main purpose of the camp is to help high school students prepare better for college. Students will be exposed to the skills, mindsets and personal qualities of  leaders and they will engage in thoughtful discussions about the roles and responsibilities of highly effective leaders. Campers will discover and assess their own leadership potential and be challenged to think creatively, critically and comprehensively. They will also sharpen their communication skills, debate strategies, and cultivate mindsets framed by international perspectives. Through these experiences campers will learn the value and power of networking, teamwork, and friendship.

Leadership Development:
Ice Breakers + Confidence Building
Negotiated Team-Building: Objective: This activity will rely heavily on problem solving and leadership skills. Some team members might stand out and some might stand back, but it's important to remember that the entire team must come to a consensus before a decision is made.

Powerful Communication:
Writing Workshop: 
This workshop is meant to prepare students for the Writing Workshop (creating foundational themes and passions). Public Speaking Activity in Sanctum.

Creative Writing:
Writing exercises designed to build off collaborative group effort.

Debate Skills:
Individual and Group work defending positions on various topics, designing drafts, deliver via public speaking forum.

Interview Practice:
Students will learn the art of interviewing for College Admissions.

Boston Globe Tour: (National Newspaper):

College Application Timeline workshop:
Staff advises on college application timeline (materials needed), discuss strategy.
students with this workshop.

College Essay workshop:
Students learn how to write and "stand out" in college essays. Review essay samples.

Extracurricular Introduction Presentation:
Categories of Extracurricular Activities
Making Impact through Extracurricular activities.

Club Entrepreneurship:
Students work in groups to generate ideas of potential businesses and clubs, create proposals, and pitch their ideas to the rest of the class.

Community Service Seminar:
As a group, discuss what community service is, how to find opportunities, what counts as community service. Students brainstorm which service opportunities interests them.

Panel Discussion: Life at Harvard
Panel discussion with presentation and keynote facilitator

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College Insight and Leadership development at the Crimson in Harvard University