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          International Youth Leadership Camp  at Colby College 

Three years ago, AYC embarked on an exciting new journey. Our vision was to bring students from across the globe together to participate in intercultural, leadership training. Partnering with Colby College, recognized as one of the finest small Ivy League colleges in the US, AYC developed a two-week leadership training program. The training focuses on five core values need for success in school and careers.

Purposes of the Camp
The main purposes of the camp are to prepare students for academic success and leadership roles in their schools and community. Students learn the skills, mindsets and personal qualities of highly successful students and recognized leaders. Campers engaged in thoughtful discussions about the roles and responsibilities of highly effective people and discover and assess their own leadership potential. Campers are challenged to think creatively, critically and comprehensively.  

In addition to developing scholarly and leadership skills, students examine their own personal strengths weaknesses with the goal of enhancing their personal growth and development. Students also benefit from reflecting on the experiences and perspectives of students from different cultures and nations. The international nature of the camp is one of the things that makes the AYC International Youth Leadership Camp extraordinary. By being immersed in a multi-cultural environment, students learn what leadership means in different cultures. They sharpen their communication skills, debate strategies, and cultivate mindsets framed by international perspectives. Through these experiences campers learn the value and power of networking, teamwork, and friendship. Students who attend the AYC Youth Intercultural Leadership Camp, walk away with a sense of empowerment and personal confidence that enables them to make significant contributions to their schools and communities.

Having Fun  
AYC also believes that having fun should be part of any learning experience, especially at a summer camp. Therefore, we structure the camp so that during the first week of leadership training, campers spend the mornings in direct leadership training. In the afternoon, campers participate in team building activities, take in local cultural and historical sites, and in general enjoy the great outdoors that Maine is noted for.

The second week of the camp is totally dedicated to a tour of Boston, Massachusetts and New Your City. During the tour, campers will visit historical sites, visit prestigious universities like MIT and Harvard, do some shopping, and are truly immersed in the “American Experience” all under the watchful eyes of highly trained ACY chaperones. 

The Campers
Qualified participants who have attended a AYC Youth Leadership camp have come from schools in Europe, the United States and China. It is important to note that AYC only sends invitations to highly successful schools. Our aim is to bring the best and the brightest from these high achieving schools so our campers can engage with highly motivated students from across the globe. It is an honor if your school gets to send participants to a AYC Youth Leadership Camp!