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                   Winter   Camp   in    Maine 

               “A Uniquely American Educational Experience”

Four Questions…
1)Are you are tired of spending your winter break trying to find something spectacular to do?
2)Do you wonder what it would be like to be a student in America?
3)Would you like to know what life in America is really like?
4)Would you like to significantly improve your English in just 12 days?  
If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, the AYC Winter Program is perfect for you! 

Think About This…
The American educational system is unique, fascinating, and extremely effective, and thousands of students outside the US would love to have an authentic, educational experience in an American school. In addition, everyone is interested in what life in America is really like. Finally, students who truly want to improve their English know the best way to do that is to be immersed in the language. If you are one of these students, the AYC Winter Camp program will meet all of your needs and provide you an educational opportunity of a lifetime. 

AYC’s Winter Camp Program, lasts about 12 days. During the camp, students actually attend an American school for a full week and take a cultural tour of the north-eastern US during the second week.  

Week 1: The American School Experience!
During the first week of our Winter Camp, you will be partnered with an American student. For five days you will attend classes with your host student. You will also have opportunities to visit classes of special interest that are unique to American schools. In addition, you can participate in after school activities and go on school field trips to local cultural and historical sites. For five days you will be an American student! On the weekend, campers engage in a variety of local events and do some shopping.

Week 2: Life in America!
During the second week of the Winter Camp, students tour historical and culturally significant areas in the US. Cities that AYC campers visit may include Boston, New York City, (and occasionally depends on venue) Philadelphia, Washington DC, Savannah and Charleston. The tour gives students a real idea of what life is like in America. They experience the culture, sample American food, interact with local citizens, see the countryside, use their English and get a true sense of life in America. For 7 days, you will live the life of an American!