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Employment Opportunities
“AYC is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.”

If you have a passion and desire to work with international students, especially youngsters from China, AYC has a variety of employment opportunities that may fulfill your needs. Please take a few minutes to read through brief descriptions of jobs at AYC. Some positions require basic entry level skills and others require certifications. Most positions at AYC are seasonal, but occasionally we hire fulltime employees. If you find a position of interest, please contact our AYC employment counselor for information regarding wages and length of employment.  

NEED Name and contact info for the person candidates should contact…

Entry Level Position
Summers Only - July and August
40 Hours per week during length of employment

An AYC summer camp counselor position is specially well suited for young adults looking to gain real world experience working with young adults. It is perfect for people who are interested in pursuing careers in counseling, teaching, social services, psychology.  

Must be at least 18 years old
Must have a sincere desire to work in a cross-cultural environment and a passion to work with Chinese kids, ages 9-16.  
Must be patient, understanding, compassionate, trustworthy and able to manage kids.  
Must be willing and able to work under the direction of the AYC Director, and Y-Camp Lead Counselors.  
No Chinese language necessary, but preference will be given to candidates with Chinese language skills, and/or familiarity with the Chinese culture. 
No prior camp counselor experience necessary, but preference will be given to candidates with camp experience.

Camp counselors acting as principle liaisons between the Director of AYC and Camp Directors. Counselors supervise Chinese campers during the day, assist the Camp Director, support camp’s English teacher, and take lead roles in organizing and overseeing projects, skits, presentations, activities and talent night.

Camp Counselors Live and Work at the Lakeside Summer Camp. This requires a 24/7 Full-Time Commitment for the Duration of Camp (July & August). 

Counselors live in cabins at the camp and serve as host parents. Counselors sleep in cabins with the campers. There are 2 Counselors and 8 campers per cabin.

Certified Position
Summers Only - July and August
Part time - Teach the equivalent of two (2), one (1) hour English classes per day, five (5) days a week, during a four (4) week session. Teachers are welcome and encouraged to teach multiple sessions.

Teach fundamental English to Chinese students who have varying levels of proficiency. Teachers will focus on conversational English, vocabulary acquisition, writhing and comprehension. Most importantly, teachers must make learning English fun, interactive and memorable.

Certification in English, ESOL, or a World Language
Must be able to motivate and engage Chinese students who are very bright but may be reluctant to use their English skills.  
Must be able to teach to a wide range of students with varying knowledge of English.  
Must be patient and understanding.
English teachers are encouraged to participate in as many camp activities as possible, but are only required to teach.

English teachers can choose to live in a camp cabin, or they may commute from home.

College Summer School Teacher  
Professional Position
Summers Only - July and August
Full Time During the months of July and August. Monday-Saturday, 8 hours/day. Must be available on Sundays if Needed. 

Teach cross-Cultural International Immersion Courses to Chinese college students. Curriculum and instructional materials provided. Supervise field trips. Drive a van on the field trips.

Each day is divided into 2 parts; classroom instruction and field trips. Teachers teach the courses and take students on field trips, primarily to local companies and businesses. Some field trips are recreational. 

College degree
Candidates with business backgrounds/degrees will be given preference
Teaching experience 
Valid driver license
No Chinese language skills are necessary but preference will be given to candidates who have an understanding of China and/or basic Chinese language proficiency
Sense of humor and fun personality 
Ability to teach in a cross-cultural environment
Comfortable utilizing classroom technologies
Safe driving record - No Violations