" We live not for ourselves but to help and learn from each other. By doing so we can reach our highest potential "

The Lakeside Summer Camp is the longest running and most popular program offered by AYC.  AYC has built this program into one of the best summer programs in the US. The program is unique as it combines a unique approach to learning with a sense of adventure and personal discovery. Students who attend the camp are immersed in the “American Experience.” They also develop friendships and memories that last a lifetime.  

Purpose of the Lakeside Summer Camp
The primary purpose of the camp is to educate students in a cross-cultural environment where they not only acquire English Language Skills, they also develop real-world Life Skills such as Teamwork, Creative and Critical Thinking, and Problem Solving. Students who attend the camp become more confident, self-reliant and competent young adults. 

The camps are located in Maine, which is one of the most beautiful and safe places the places in the USA. Known for its warm and friendly people, Maine’s rugged coastline, pristine waters, crisp, clean air, beautiful skies and bountiful forests make it a travel destination for people across the globe.  

Maine summers are spectacular. Normal daytime temperatures range between 77 – 30 degrees Celsius (77-86 degrees Fahrenheit). Night time temperature range between 17 - 21 degrees Celsius (63-72 degrees Fahrenheit). With lakes, mountains, parks and beaches throughout Maine, there is always an outdoor adventure close by.  

Camp Activities
Over the years, AYC has incorporated a variety of activities that keep campers active, engaged and happy. Students participate in many group team building activities, play sports, theater class, engage in artistic activities, sing, practice archery, take nature classes, go swimming, enjoy boating, and they visit local historical and cultural sites. 

Special Events
Every camp begins with a special Welcome Ceremony and concludes with a Farewell Party. In addition, daily camp-fire get-togethers, plays, skits and talent shows, and special story times are designed to get campers to know and interact with their fellow campers. Special guest speakers are also featured at the camps to give campers insights to many unique talents and skills.  

Field trip Highlights 
The culminating activity of an AYC Summer Camp is an “American Experience Tour.” Students and camp counselors travel by chartered coach bus to culturally and historically significant cities in the eastern part of the US. Common locations include Boston, New York City, and occasionally (depends on venue) Philadelphia and Washington, DC. Students visit historic locations that were Important in America's development.  Areas of Interest Include Harvard ,MIT ,Yale ,Statue of Liberty , (and if venue permits) Liberty Bell Independence Hall ,Lincoln Memorial,The Washington Monument,The National Air & Space Museum,The Natural History Museum